1. We ask a lot of questions upfront to remove the need for you to search constantly for jobs. Based on the information you provide to us (over 50 pieces of information) we'll push the right jobs to you as they're posted. We don't simply use a few keywords and the job title. You don't need to be logged in constantly looking through posts, you can put your search on autopilot.

2. You won't get bothered by recruiters or employers cold calling / emailing you about jobs you're not interested in.

3. Just as we work with you to create an awesome detailed CV, when we send you a job you'll get a wealth of information about the company, role, and team so you can make an informed decision of whether to apply or not.

4. The application process is simple - you're not expected to alter your CV or write a cover letter. At most you'll need to answer a few short questions.

5. We do our best to limit bias. Employers will make an informed decision of whether to progress you to the next stage before they see your name, photo, video, location etc.

6. We'll always give you feedback every step of the way.

7. Our profile is set up specifically for recruitment, not for social media and advertising.

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