1. Save time sifting through hundreds of resumes. We take tangible data from the requirements you provide in your job description and give you a shortlist sorted in order of their suitability. You don't need to read every CV to find the best anymore, or ask the candidates if they're actually available when you need them, or in line with the salary budget.

2. See the quality of the talent upfront before you pay. Unlike with job ads where you pay first then wait and see what the results will be, we let you see anonymised profiles before you purchase, so you know when you spend your money you're getting a candidate that has the skills and experience you need.

3. Skills criteria that works. With job boards, you ask talent to self eliminate based on written skills in the job ad they may or may not even read. With nextmile, we carefully control skills and leveling, and then only match you with talent that meets your requirements.

4. Guaranteed delivery within 48hrs. Not as and when the active talent finds your ad, our platform actively puts your job in front of the most suitable people, and gauges their interest quickly.

5. You don't need to be constantly re-post ads for talent pooling, set a job to talent pooling mode and you can put your search on autopilot. We'll let you know every time another suitable candidate becomes available for your extra tough hires.

6. We strive to limit human bias. There's no need to be concerned with how biases could affect your hiring process. With nextmile you choose to unlock candidates profiles before seeing their name, photo, location etc. So you can rest assured your decision was made for all the right reasons.

7. We give your candidates feedback at every step of the process, making sure they have an amazing candidate experience with your brand, whether they get the job or not.

We could go on, but why don't you try it for yourself?

It's free to get a shortlist within 48hrs.

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