Starting with pricing for talent, for employers please scroll down.

> pricing for talent

Your in luck, when looking for a job nextmile is completely free.

Creating your personal skills profile and the nextmile job matching service won't cost you a cent!


  • Creation of personal skills profile
  • Skills based job matching
  • Easily apply for matched jobs
  • Online resume & intro video hosting

> pricing for employers

We like to keep pricing simple. Getting your shortlist is free, then we charge a flat fee of $50 per profile, or go unlimited for $5 per headcount per month.

option 1. shortlist


Create an employer profile and job description for free. Plus receive a shortlist of matched talent profiles.


  • Skills based job description
  • Access to the nextmile talent pool
  • Shortlist of matched talent profiles
  • No credit card required

option 2. talent profile


You receive a shortlist of profiles for free. Pay a flat fee of $50 per profile to unlock contact details.


  • Includes shortlist, plus:
  • You choose the profiles to unlock
  • Contact details of unlocked profile
  • No further fees or charges

option 3. always hiring

$5 / head / month*

Are you always hiring or on the lookout for great people?

*Price includes 20% discount for annual payment


  • Includes shortlist, plus:
  • 10 unlocked profiles per job
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Discount for annual payment

We could go on, but why don't you try it for yourself?

It's free to start receiving matches.

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